Amanda and Elissa Both Get Evicted in Another Crazy Double Eviction Night!

The second double eviction of the Big Brother 15 season is done and it ended up taking out two of the season’s biggest players, and probably eliminated most of the drama in the house in the process.  First off it was Amanda being somewhat blindsided in her eviction as she had been promised Elissa’s vote and therefore felt like she had the numbers to stay.  Little did she know that Andy was the vote that instead tied things up, allowing GinaMarie to break the tie as HOH and choose to evict Amanda.  Amanda was dumbfounded as to how she was evicted until she saw Andy’s goodbye message which revealed that he was the vote.

Up next was the HOH competition which was won by McCrae who had the chance to extract revenge for Amanda’s eviction.  Instead he decided to nominate GinaMarie and Elissa (since he is apparently afraid to nominate males) which was most likely a bad move since Elissa would’ve still been his ally.  Judd won the POV competition and kept the nominations the same, then it was Elissa that ended up being the second eviction of the night by unanimous vote.  As things stand now, the jury house is all females, and “The Exterminators” seem to have the run of the house as they are already planning to target McCrae next.  Of course there are tons of Elissa fans and members of the “Brenchel Army” who aren’t thrilled with how things played out, and we have to agree since Elissa was an X factor in the house that did what she wanted and didn’t let anyone talk her into anything she didn’t want to do.

One of the members of The Exterminators is guaranteed to win tonight’s HOH competition since McCrae cannot play, so he will most likely find himself on the block and vying for POV to save himself this week.  Tune in to the live feeds to see who the new HOH is for the week, as we are down to the final 5 and will get to see how The Exterminators plan on running things this week.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares who wins?! They’re all a bunch of losers. And Andy is a crybaby snake. GM is a racist. Mcrae is a wimp follower. Spencer is a nobody &Judd shouldn’t even b there!