The Final Four for Big Brother 15 is Set

Big Brother 15 Final FourIt seems like the Big Brother 15 season has really flown by even though it was an extended season.  It’s hard to believe, but we are down to the final 4 houseguests and the finale will air next week.  It’s been a roller coaster of a season with ups and downs and definitely its fair share of controversy.  The final 4 of GinaMarie, Spencer, Andy, and McCrae hasn’t been overly popular since none of them were really BIG players in the game and have left an underwhelming feeling for many Big Brother fans.

The Big Brother 15 final four is mainly comprised of players who just voted with the house or played both sides throughout the season.  Andy played both sides like no other as he somehow stayed off anyone’s radar by agreeing with whatever side he was talking to.  As the Zingbot pointed out, Andy has definitely earned his title of “floater” this year.  Spencer has pretty much remained the guy that is just friends with everyone (other than maybe Candice) and has been the ultimate pawn, surviving a record number of times on the block before finally winning his first HOH of the season just last week.

McCrae entered the game seeming like a player that knew the game and made an impact right away by becoming the first HOH.  It was during that first HOH run that he hooked up with Amanda, and remained in her shadow for the majority of the season as she made the big decisions.  GinaMaire was a definite underdog this season as no one in the house took her seriously due to her off the wall antics.  She did rack up two HOH wins and ended up being the HOH that made the huge move to take out Amanda.

**Spoiler ahead, don’t read if you want ot be surprised**

It’s going to be interesting to see how things shake out as Andy won both the HOH and POV this week.  It appears that McCrae is the target and will be sent out but anything can happen.  Who do you think has earned the win this year?  Did this end up be a season of floaters even though the aim was to keep the season floater free?  We are winding down over the next week as we are on the road to crowning the winner of Big Brother 15!