Britney Haynes’ Newborn Baby Diagnosed with Cancer

Britney Haynes babySad news to report day as the newborn baby of Big Brother favorite Britney Haynes has been diagnosed with cancer.  Britney appeared earlier in the Big Brother 15 season, just days before having her daughter, Tilly Elizabeth.  Not many details are known, but the Big Brother community is coming together to support Britney and her family.  At times like this, we are reminded of how Big Brother fans can really come together and make a difference to help someone we all know and love that is in need.

The hashtag #PrayForTilly is being used across Twitter to show support and has already been trending; also a fund has been has been created to help Britney and her husband with the medical bills involved with Tilly’s illness.  Whether it be donating whatever you can, or simply helping spread the word to bring more awareness to Britney’s situation, every little bit helps. 

We are all hoping Tilly can be cured and back to perfect health in no time.  Let’s come together as the Big Brother fan community to help spread the word and raise awareness so Britney can get all the help she needs to get through this difficult time.

  • Krystine Alcock

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  • Anonymous

    many prayers for the family