Andy Herren Wins Big Brother 15!

The roller coaster ride known as Big Brother 15 has come to an end, and Andy Herren somehow survived it all and is this year’s winner.  The season almost felt backwards in that all the houseguests that seemed like they would be real players were taken out first, leaving what many would describe as “floaters” at the end of the game.  Andy definitely fit that description being it seemed he lied to every side of the house but somehow never got caught.  He didn’t win competitions until the later part of the season, but tried to convince the jury that his back and forth lying/backstabbing moves were all part of his strategy….but could have just been luck?

The Big Brother 15 season has been marred with controversy based on many derogatory comments made by a number of houseguests and cast a black cloud over the entire season for many fans.  It’s sad since at the beginning of the season the cast seemed diverse and filled with some great possibilities.  We never got a chance to see how someone like Nick or even Howard would handle the game once things got rolling.  There were many feuds that were pretty much based on personal attacks, and many big players were taken out early for personal reasons rather than gameplay.  It’s funny that the season aimed to do away with floaters by having three nominees at first, but in the end Andy ended up winning by pretty much floating between every side in the house throughout the season.  In the end, GinaMarie’s inability to explain what she’s done in the game vs. Andy explaining every aspect of his game is probably what really won the game for Andy.

Did Andy really have a good strategy or was he just a lucky liar?  He really didn’t do much of anything for most of the season besides make sure his lies weren’t caught on to by anyone, but maybe that is considered a strategy to some.  Aside from all that, Andy is the first gay person to win Big Brother which is a cool milestone for him in the history books.  There will no doubt continue to be fallout from the season’s controversial statements (including Andy’s) that will probably shape the casting process for future Big Brother seasons.

What did you think of the season?  Did it have potential that was marred by the hate that was on display in the house?  While it may not have been the favorite season of very many fans (if any at all,) it definitely won’t be forgotten.  When Big Brother 16 time rolls around, season 15 will no doubt be brought up often and will no doubt be a reference point when it comes to improving the show.

Thank you all for sticking with us for another season and helping our site and social media presence grow by leaps and bounds!  Here’s to hoping Big Brother 16 will make up for all the negativity this season and deliver the type of season we all know and love.