Big Brother Canada Season 2 Cast Revealed!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the initial season of Big Brother Canada, but here we are again counting down the days until the kickoff of season 2 of the hit series.  The initial season was very enjoyable since it was pretty similar to the Big Brother U.S. style, but had plenty unique characteristics that gave it its own identity.  While the season finale ended in controversial fashion, it was no surprise to here that Big Brother Canada was coming back for season 2.


That all brings us to today and our very first look at the Big Brother Canada 2 cast!  It appears at first glance, the producers have once again cast a nice mix of (seemingly) normal people for the most part that are also easy on the eyes.  They also have an interesting age range as the youngest houseguest is 20 and the oldest is 43.  We’ve got parents, people in relationships, and of course singles in the house.  Here is a brief rundown of the cast’s names and a short bio (from left to right on the above graphic, you can also read full bios with pics on the site.)

Arlie Shaban – Age 25 – Unemployed but treating this as a job.

Rachel Diamond – Age 20 – Student that is in it for the money.

Jon Pardy (pardy dardy!?) – Age 23 – Student, not the tidiest guy.

Heather Decksheimer – Age 23 – Model agency coordinator. Hoping to start modeling/acting career (uh oh.)

Paul Jackson – Age 43 – Consultant, motivational speaker, father of 3.

Anick Gervais – Age 28 – Reiki Master (??,) wants to start a healing center with her winnings.

Neda Kalantar – Age 22 – Freelance fashion stylist. Will try to be nice to people even though she is blunt.

Sabrina Abbate – Age 25 – Hair dresser and make-up artist. Has wanted to be on TV since she came out of the womb (oh boy.)

Adel Elseri – Age 27 – Welder, inventor. Refers to himself as “The People’s Champ.”

Kyle Shore – Age 24 – Personal training and…..picking up ladies (yes he really said that.)

Ika Wong – Age 29 – Hair stylist, mother of 2. Wears her emotion on her face and is outspoken.

Kenny Brain – Age 25 – Model. Plans on becoming everyone’s friend at first.

Andrew Gordon – Age 27 – Restaurant manager. Wants to be a “gentle giant” everyone trusts.

Sarah Miller – Age 32 – Mortgage broker. Is really sneaky and likes to scare people.

So there it is, quite a mix of character this year.  I mean we have a cast featuring last names such as Diamond, Pardy, and Brain….what could go wrong?  Big Brother Canada starts on March 5th on Slice for you fans in Canada, and for us U.S. fans we will have information next week on where to catch up on episodes and hopefully live feeds as well.