“Brenchel” Returns to The Amazing Race for All Stars

Brenchel Amazing RaceOne of Big Brother’s favorite (or maybe not so favorite) couples is once again vowing to conquer The Amazing Race.  Brendon and Rachel participated in The Amazing Race 20 and came in third overall, but their performance throughout the game which saw them come in first on a few legs and second on many occasions earned them the chance to compete once again in Amazing Race All Stars.

Since the last Race, Brendon and Rachel were married and believe that will help them fight less along the way….a statement that even they had to laugh at given their history.  CBS even treated us to some highlights of “Brenchel” breakdowns from the last season with trademark Rachel crying sessions.

Brendon and Rachel kicked off the first leg of the Amazing Race by picking up right where they left off by jumping right into competition mode and coming in second place.  The Big Brother power couple showed no signs of dissension thus far, and without a doubt have a great chance of once again going far in the race especially if they have indeed got past some of their differences.

Love them or hate them, Brendon and Rachel have been a power couple on both Big Brother and the Amazing Race.   Every time they pop up on a show like the Race or even a CBS soap opera, their Big Brother roots will always come to mind.  Here’s to wishing them luck on their second attempt at The Amazing Race, maybe it’s their time to take things a little bit further and win it all.  You can watch Brenchel compete in The Amazing Race Sunday nights on CBS.