Big Brother 16 Set to Premiere on June 25th!

Julie Chen Big Brother 16That’s right, the premiere date for the 16th season of Big Brother is officially June 25th, which means for the second season in a row we are starting early! 

As you may recall, last year Big Brother 15 started 2 weeks earlier than normal which gave us the longest season yet, and it looks like that tradition will continue this year with Big Brother 16. Things will be kicking off with the traditional Big Brother schedule of Sunday, Wednesday, and live eviction Thursday airings (last year they went with Tues-Wed-Thurs but changed it back after a couple of weeks.) 

Last year was one of the most controversial seasons of all time; with the racist remarks made by numerous houseguests making headlines and casting a black cloud over the entire season.  This year producers will no doubt be out to hit a home run to make up for last year, but hopefully that doesn’t mean they’ll censor TOO much, because we all know as fans that love Big Brother because of it’s “anything can happen” nature.

The countdown is on, just over 3 months away from the kickoff of Big Brother 16!  For now, keep in mind Big Brother Canada season 2 is in full swing and that’s more than holding us all over for our Big Brother fix.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars – Big Brother 16 on Wednesday, June 25th on CBS!

  • Amna

    I cannot wait! I am hoping this season will redeem itself and we get to see newer concepts being brought into the house just like BBCAN!