Jon Pardy Wins Big Brother Canada Season 2!

The roller coaster ride known as Big Brother Canada Season 2 has come to an end, and Jon Pardy is the sole survivor and winner. 

The second season of Big Brother Canada delivered many great moments along with plenty of twists and turns that didn’t allow for much of the usual boredom associated with the last few weeks of the game.  The cast this year was diverse and energetic which made for great unpredictability in the house, and the shockers just kept coming right into the final episode where Jon pulled a move that left Big Brother Canada fans and especially the live audience in shock as he sent his season-long ally Neda out of the game and brought one of the season’s least liked houseguests, Sabrina, to the final 2 instead.

Sometimes in a Big Brother season you get a general vibe of where the game is going and who is running the house, then things play out pretty much as predicted; this was not the case this season as it seemed the “First Five” alliance of Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew, Sarah, and Arlie would dominate the entire game early on, but through the course of the season each one of them was eliminated through big moves made by the other side of the house.

Toward the end of the game, it seemed like the Jon/Neda alliance had outsmarted the others and would dictate how things would end up – then BAM the shocking (yet smart) move by Jon floored everyone.  In reality it was the best move Jon could make if he was trying to win because he most likely wouldn’t have won up against Neda in the final 2.  The Neda eviction made for some intense moments in the finale with Neda even pointing out that it was all HER calling the shots even though Jon took the win after his cutthroat move.

Unlike many seasons where people become “best friends” in a matter of weeks or a couple of months and refuse to turn against each other, Big Brother Canada 2 delivered the kind of Big Brother moves and drama we crave.  The season had plenty of clashes and even allies turning on each other, which goes to show what a good job of casting houseguests can do.  Also the fact that Big Brother Canada went the extra mile to make sure there was always something going on in the house – from visits from former Big Brother Canada houseguests like Talla and Gary to even a surprise jury house visit from former Big Brother U.S. winner Dan, the action in the house felt like it rarely slowed down.

Big Brother Canada season 2 was a great season and it will undoubtedly be back for a third season next year.  After last year’s controversial finale, this year’s finale made up for all that craziness and gave us a strong finish for the season and a deserving winner in Jon Pardy. 

Don’t forget, next month it will already be time for the premier of Big Brother 16!  Stay tuned as we ramp up for yet another HUGE season of coverage beginning in just a few weeks!