Brendon and Rachel Come in Third in The Amazing Race All-Stars

Brendon and Rachel Amazing Race All-StarsIt seems like three is the lucky (or not so lucky) number for Big Brother alumni Brendon and Rachel (“Brenchel” as we Big Brother fans have come to know them over the years) as the duo once again came in third place in their second attempt at The Amazing Race.

In Brendon and Rachel’s last attempt at the race they avoided elimination by being lucky enough to only come in last on the non-elimination legs, and this time they once again avoided elimination by only placing last one time and it was on a non-elimination leg.  In the finale, Rachel and Brendon started in the last spot based on their performance in the previous leg; the real kicker that added insult to injury so to speak was that the last leg of the race took place in Las Vegas….or VEGAS as Rachel would say – a place that any Big Brother fan would know is Rachel’s town.

Even though Rachel Reilly is the Vegas expert and came in to the last leg confident being she knows the town well, she and Brendon were stuck with a slow cab driver that refused to speed things up; a fact that ultimately lead to former Big Brother houseguests coming in last.

In the end it was the father/son team of Dave and Connor that took first place – the first ever parent/child team to win the race.  The grand finale saw one member of each team sky diving to the finish line, with Brendon being the final person to arrive.  Rachel busted out her signature tears throughout the episode, stating that she wanted to win The Amazing Race “more than anything”….a little extreme, but then again throughout the season “Brenchel” had stated they would have kids IF they won the race. 

Brendon and Rachel put in quite a performance on this season of the Race, coming in first on a couple of legs and of course stirring up the drama they are so well known for. Now the big question is….what’s next? 

Now that we’ve seen “Brenchel” on FOUR seasons of reality TV (between Big Brother and Amazing Race) is it time to give them a rest?  Of course the Big Brother 16 rumors are flying and some combination of Brenchel or their relatives always come up, but let’s hope CBS has some fresh ideas since we’ve had our Brenchel fix at least for this year.