Jeff Uses Coup D’etat, Goodbye Jessie…Again.

Well the hype was well worth it, and last night’s live eviction provided a highly entertaining moment as Jeff stood up, announced he was using his “wizard power” of Coup D’etat, and proceeded to take Russell and Lydia off off the block, replacing them with Natalie and Jessie. The shock from some of the houseguests was apparent, but they were quick to go in and cast their live vote, and promptly send Jessie out the door for the second time in as many seasons. Jessie was obviously prepared just in case, as he had another shirt under his first shirt, making sure we all knew he was “the man, the myth, the legend”…..yeah OK. He admitted to Julie that it was a great play for Jeff, and didn’t seem TOO upset about it, as he told Julie he was going to be a sports entertainer, aka WWE Superstar.

The real fun of the night came later on the live feeds, when Lydia, Chima, and Natalie, proceeded to have a memorial for Jessie….yes a memorial as if he died. No joke, these three sat around toasting wine to Jessie, then sat around the table crying together. It was probably the most pathetic scene in Big Brother history. They talked about how Jessie was screwed and “F”d” out of the game since he was put up without a chance. Uhh, does anyone remember how Casey was evicted from the game? I guess those 3 don’t. The game has shifted in a major way, and it looks like it’s definitely Jeff, Jordan, Russell and Michelle vs. Chima, Lydia, Kevin, and Natalie. Also at the end of the live show, it was announced that we’d be seeing a double eviction next week, which means as soon as 1 person goes home, the houseguest play HOH, and the winner immediately puts up 2 more nominees, and another person goes home. All this will have huge ramifications on the game, and expect a wild night after Michelle’s nominations are made later tonight.

And as a bonus, here’s a great cap of the three crying morons from last night (Thanks Online Big Brother)
  • Anonymous

    Oh no Jessie died now those three must die..Then lay aside Jessie in the jury house. It honestly floors me how Lydia and Natalie hated each other so much and how now the power shifts and Lydia kisses Natalie’s a$$.

  • Anonymous

    Jesse did get screwed. Banana Man had a chance, he played veto and decided to take a margarita party rather than keep himself safe.

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy Chima’s Sorry Bitchy Narotic Ass is out of the house. Thanks God.. Natalie, Lidia, and Kevin See you later too none of these fools Deserve a dime….

    As far as Russell I think he’s playing the game well he has shown anger for several people but he is loyal to the right people…

    Michelle I think so okay Definatley not the winner in my eyes besides she makes great money and has a future already.

    As far as for Jeff and Jordan.. I love these two they are amazing in fact Big Brother if its down to these last two should just really give them the option to split the money right dwn the middle ..

    These two should get married on the show…. lol I love watching the both of them they are a perfect couple.