Big Brother UK Starting This Week

Here in the United States we have to wait until June 25 for the next dose of Big Brother, but for those looking to get their fix sooner the UK version of the show begins a new season June 5.

While the shows are very similar in both countries, there is a major difference in how the winner is determined. While the HouseGuests do all the voting in the United States, in the UK the viewers are given an enormous hand in determining the winner. In last season’s series 14, known as Big Brother: Secrets and Lies, UK viewers voted on who would be evicted from the house throughout the series.

That level of involvement is perhaps the biggest difference between the two versions of the show, and it also serves to indicate how ingrained UK fans get with the show. Betting sites like even have bookmakers listed that take wagers on many aspects of the show in their specials section.

The show’s producers have let it be known that this season, which will be called Big Brother: Power Trip, will feature a futuristic design to the house and give viewers the chance to manipulate HouseGuests during the show’s run. Considering that season 14 featured a “people’s puppet” in the house whose actions were controlled by the viewers, one has to wonder how the show will let fans manipulate events this year.

As for last season, the fans crowned Sam Evans the winner. Evans, 23 at the time he entered the house, was a compelling story because he was born with 70-80% hearing loss, and vowed to donate some of his winnings to hearing-loss related charities, which he has done. Evans is also fairly well known for saying that he would like to keep working at his day job at the UK-based retail chain Debenhams while trying to carve out a career in TV.

With several weeks left before the US version of Big Brother returns, consider this a primer on the show’s British cousin, which kicks off this week and can serve as a warm up as fans count down to the 25th. After all, there’s no such thing as too much Big Brother, right?