Spoilers: Kevin Has Nominated…

**Warning: Spoilers Ahead, Do Not Read If You Want to Be Surprised!**

Well the nomination ceremony is over, and before it happened, Kevin pretty much told Jeff that he was breaking their deal and putting him up. Of course, that’s just what happened, as Kevin has nominated Jeff and Michelle for eviction. Kevin presented it to Jeff as if he was not the target, but didn’t want to look dumb by not putting the strongest player up, and he’s giving him the chance to win POV. Fans can argue and debate all week about Jeff making the right decision by backdooring Russell, because if he hadn’t, it very well could be Russell as HOH right now, and he may have been the one turning the tables and nominating Jeff. Either way, Jeff is on the block, and the only way to really be in position to save himself and Jordan, is if Jordan wins POV and takes Jeff off the block (meaning they would both be safe) and Kevin would have no choice but to put up Natalie as the replacement nomination, and Kevin and Jordan would choose who they wanted to vote out. If Jeff wins POV, he can take himself off, but Jordan would most likely be the replacement nomination and Kevin and Natalie would control the vote. Things are heating up now that we’re down to the final 5, so this week’s POV will decide just about everything. Stay tuned for POV spoilers to see how things play out, and keep up with the live feeds to see the direction the game goes and the aftermath of this weeks POV.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04636297339919589145 Brent

    I personally think Russell woulda kept his word to Jeff and if Russell had stayed, I think it woulda played out like this:

    Natalie would be evicted.
    HOH Russell nominates Kevin and Jordan.
    HOH Jordan nominates Kevin and Russell.
    HOH Michelle nominates Kevin and Jeff.
    HOH Kevin nominates Jeff and Russell.

    So Kevins HOH,
    Jeff and Russell are nominated.
    Jordan and Natalie and Michelle would be voting…
    And since Michelle and Russell have been bonding lately, Michelle and Natalie both woulda voted to evict Jeff.

    I don’t think there’s anything Jeff coulda done at this point in the game to prevent himself from going home this week… unless he wins the veto.