Big Brother 16 Will Be the First Season to be Broadcast in HD!

Big Brother 16 HDIt’s been a topic that comes up every season for the past few years: “This season DEFINITELY has to be in HD, it just has to!”  Well every year we come up disappointed as we’ve seen the same style broadcast the past few seasons for the most part.  Well that is no longer true, as for the first time in it’s history, the 16th season of Big Brother will finally be broadcast in HD as confirmed by!

Now some of you may be confused as you’ve undoubtedly turned on your local CBS affiliate’s HD channel and watched Big Brother on it for the past few seasons; while it’s true Big Brother airs on both standard and HD channels, what it all comes down to is the equipment used to broadcast which determines if you are seeing true HD.  This year for the first time, the Big Brother house has been completely rewired and outfitted with 76 HD cameras that will provide an unprecedented Big Brother viewing experience. 

But what took so long?  Can you even think of a current popular show that isn’t broadcast in HD?  Well it makes a lot of sense after reading a recent interview with executive producer Allison Grodner on When you think about it, Big Brother isn’t your everyday TV show that just needs a few cameras and has months to edit and produce.  Big Brother had to re-wire the whole house, upgrade their production equipment, and of course install the all new HD cameras.  Speaking of cameras, Grodner also let us know that they’ve added 11 more cameras which will offer live feeders more views than ever and will help keep us right in the action!

So as if the countdown to Big Brother 16 wasn’t already intense enough, we now know that we will have the best viewing experience ever seen in the house.  Stay tuned to Big Brother Fans Blog for even more news as it comes to us, and don’t forget to lock in the special Early Bird price for the HD live feeds! 

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