Buy Lydia’s Stuff on Ebay

The Ebay bonanza from Big Brother houseguests is in full swing, and Lydia has her stuff up and is doing it big. Lydia’s Ebay auctions include tons of stuff she wore in the house, like the various feathers she wore in her hair, a few costumes from competitions, and even some of the lingerie she wore while doing dirty deeds with Jessie (not sure anyone would want to own those, but who knows.) The big ticket item from Lydia’s auctions, is the one and only Captain Unitard outfit! That’s right, Lydia is selling the complete Captain Unitard outfit, complete with unitard, goggles, shorts, cape, etc., and Lydia will even autograph it if the winner likes. We say this item is big ticket, because it’s got quite a few bids, and the price is already up to a whopping $365.00 as of this writing. So if you liked the Captain Unitard outfit THAT much, and you want to own it or any other piece of Big Brother history, check out Lydia’s Ebay page.