Natalie and Lydia Fight Live on the Radio

Usually every year when the Big Brother season is over, just about all is forgotten and everyone is pretty friendly with each other for the most part. Well that is NOT the case with Big Brother 11. During a radio interview with Natalie Martinez from Big Brother 11 on Blog Talk Radio, Lydia called in and went off on Natalie, and it’s very clear that these two aren’t even going to be cordial with each other. Natalie is still Natalie, and even though she mentioned something about her father getting death threats due to people hating her from the show, she is still cocky and hasn’t changed. Natalie was sure to let Lydia know that she could have Jessie any time she wanted, and that Lydia was his second choice next to her (all this with her fiance right there, what a great catch she is.) Lydia brought up that at least she showered in the house unlike Natalie. And Lydia also threatened to “KO Natalie’s ass” if she ever sees her again. It was a crazy mess that Blog Talk Radio wasn’t expecting, and it’s just something you have to listen to for yourself. Below is the portion of the show with the Lydia and Natalie fight, and if for some reason you want to hear the ENTIRE Natalie interview, as painful as it is to listen to her, check that out at Blog Talk Radio.