BB11’s Michele and Husband Tim Have Seperated

More post Big Brother 11 twists and turns keep coming. A couple of days ago, rumors were confirmed by Michele herself via a radio interview and on Michele’s Facebook Page that she has indeed separated from her husband Tim. Many people have pointed out Michele’s behaviour in the house such as the comments about Jeff and being overly flirty, and we also reported just a couple of weeks ago that Michele was being very friendly with Russell at the wrap party, but no one knows if any of that is the reason she is no longer with her husband. Some fans have pointed out that they remembered hearing Michele talk in the house about having problems with her husband and such, but they have been together for a long time, so this still has to be a big break up. Some have even speculated that being on Big Brother gave Michele some self confidence, or else she just wants to unleash her inner freak and not be tied down anymore. We’ll see if this story develops any further, but for now Michele is single and still spending time with Russell and other houseguests, so we will see.

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