BB9 Winner Adam Jasinksi Arrested on Drug Charges.

In what has to be considered THE worst use of Big Brother prize money EVER, Big Brother 9 winner Adam “Baller” Jasinksi was arrested in Massachusetts and charged with possession of oxycodone pills with intent to distribute. Authorities stated that Jasinski had nearly 2,000 oxycodone pills when he flew from his home in Florida to Massachusetts to make the deal. When questioned, Jasinski admitted that he had been selling pills up and down the east coast, and was funding his operation with his $500,000 from Big Brother 9. Funny we’ve never heard a houseguest talk about how if they won the money, they’d start their own drug ring! If you recall, Adam caused controversy during the show for referring to kids he works with as “retards,” which got him fired before the show was even over. So looks like he won’t be back for All Stars 2 in the future, as he’s officially been crowned as biggest greedy dumbass in Big Brother History….way to go!

Source: Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski charged with dealing drugs

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the “retard” now Adam?