Update: Jeff and Jordan are Together and Dating

In response to the hundreds of questions received on the status of Jeff and Jordan, we can now officially report that they are still a couple, and are dating despite the distance factor. The question was asked in an interview with Hollywood Insider, after the couple answered some questions about their recent appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful, Jeff let Jordan tackle the big question:

“Are you guys officially dating now?

Jeff: Go ahead, Jordan.

Jordan: Why do you always make me do it?

Jeff: Because you love it!

Jordan: We are. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, though. Right after the show, we’d only go about four days before seeing each other. I went to Chicago to meet his family. He has a huge family.”

So there you have it.  Jeff and Jordan are still a couple, and are meeting each others families despite living so far away.  We’ll keep everyone updated on the status as we get it, as we know most of you hope Jeff and Jordan can stay together and work something out for the long run.  To read the entire intervew withs even more questions for Big Brothers favorite couple, check out the Hollywood Insider site.