BB11’s Lydia and Michele Caught Making Out

Big Brother 11 continues to be the season that just keeps on producing news even in the off season.  This time it’s a girl on girl kiss between BB11’s Lydia Tavera and Michele Noonan that was caught by TMZ at Here Loung in West Hollywood.  This may be surprising to some, being that Michele and Lydia had some crazy screaming fights in the house, but I guess by gones are by gones, and they seem to be getting along JUST fine now.  Michele seems to have unleashed a bit since leaving the house.  We reported back in October that Michele separated from her husband, which was almost immediately after exiting the Big Brother house, and Michele seems to have gone into party mode ever since.  During the season, Lydia was the first to admit that she was bi-sexual, and flirted heavily with Jordan, which sparked hope that we would see some girl on girl action in the house.  Of course Jordan ended up with Jeff, but then Michele admitted out of the blue that while she was in fact married, she was also bi.  Hope was once again abound that we would see a lesbian hook up in the house, but then of course we got the classic explosive fights that did away with any chance of that.  Well now thanks to TMZ, we get to see that Lydia and Michele had a hot make-out session, and only Lydia and Michele know how much further this all went.

  • Anonymous

    Michele has gone fairly wacko since the show. She’s divorcing hubby Tim (allegedly, she’d filed the papers before she entered the house), sold her wedding ring on eBay, gotten a boob job, had some very hot pictures taken (check her Facebook) and had sex with BB9’s Chelsia. (Over Thanksgiving, in Las Vegas; it was on both their Facebooks for a while.)

    There’s a pic of Russell, Chelsia, and Michele in Las Vegas (in September, at an event right after the show) and I see that Chels still looks like she’s one good sneeze away from embarking on a killing spree, so I can only imagine the crazy with her and Michele hooking up.

    I bet the sex is freaky awesome, though. If they had a 3-way with Lydia, I think they’d melt some of her tattoos off. :)

  • Anonymous

    she didn’t file before she entered the house. they were married but her family didn’t like her husband so that caused problems.

    she has been pretty crazy since exiting the show, though.

  • Anonymous

    I dont get it. People love Michelle, and hate Natalie. And the true is that Mich is bitch , how divorced with husband, have a porn movie plus other dirty stuff which i dont even mention. Natalie is ANGEL in real life, smart,nice, beautiful, sweet heart. People are stupid, i dont like how everybody treated Natalie. She is my fav player in bb history.