Big Brother 16 Premiere Set to Be a TWO Night Event!

BB16 Julie Chen

The Big Brother 16 premiere just became even bigger, as CBS has announced that the premiere will actually be a 2-night event that will  happen over Wednesday June 25th and Thursday June 26th!

So from what we know so far, there will be a Big Brother 16 pre-show hosted by Jeff Schroeder exclusively on the live feeds on Wednesday June 25th followed by the Big Brother 16 HD premiere on CBS.  From there we will have to wait until the next night to see the second half of the premiere on CBS which will be followed by an “All-Nighter” event (looks like Julie is ready in the pic above!) which will see Jeff Schroeder live-tweet the first 16 hours of live feeds as they happen.

So what does all this craziness mean?  Well for one thing, the live feeds and After Dark on TVGN won’t begin until the second night of the premiere.  This is a drastic change from what we’re used to since every year we’re ready to fire up feeds immediately following the first CBS show, so having to wait an extra day will be quite a challenge.

Second, why the two day premiere?  Well rumors are running rampant as usual about returning players, what the twist will be etc.  The only guess is that we will see half the houseguests move in Wednesday and the other Thursday; is there a reason for this?  A possible relatives twist?  Will half the house be returning veterans?  Tuning in to this huge two day event will be the only way to find out!