Interview with Jeff and Jordan about The Amazing Race

We are only a little more than 1 week away from Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11 kicking off the 16th season of The Amazing Race.  The popular duo did an interview with, which confirmed once again that Jeff and Jordan are still together, although they still live in separate states, but Jeff mentions one of them will have to move.  Beyond that, the interview features some classic Jeff and Jordan back and forth and humor that we Big Brother fans are used to.  Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“The former Big Brother 11 contestants and couple are back at it again on The Amazing Race 16, and not much has changed because she still can’t tell time. “There were moments like my asking what time we have to be there and her refusing to learn what ‘a quarter till’ is,” says Jeff Schroeder. “A third grader knows what ‘a quarter till’ is. Can you learn it? Maybe in the next couple of days?” And the two of them aren’t doing much on-camera canoodling. “We’re not being so lovey-dovey, which is what everybody wants us to be,” says Jordan Lloyd. “There was one point when I was mad at him and he was mad at me. He was ready to strangle me.”

The couple can’t give discuss specifics, though Lloyd recalls having some concerns about the show’s physical demands. “I don’t like to work out. Everybody knows that. If I work out one day, I want to see results and so yeah I was worried,” she says. “Though I was more so worried about having to eat a bug or something. I would rather Jeff eat a bug than me.” When asked if the two ever got hurt, Schroeder would only say, “We are in perfect health right now.”

And apparently, so is their relationship. Though the couple definitely had their share of spats on the course, Schroeder insists their bond remains strong. “To throw a couple into a stressful situation like this, you are going to see different sides to both people,” says Schroeder. “We definitely didn’t stray from who we are. We got along, we got through it and we’re still together. It made us stronger, I think.” And now their goal is to eventually end up in the same state. “This is the longest we’ve gone without being together,” says Schroeder. “One of us has to move … I’m not saying anyone’s getting engaged though, anything like that.”
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The Amazing Race featuring Big Brother’s own Jeff and Jordan premieres on February 14th!