Jeff and Jordan in First Place After Week 1 of The Amazing Race

Big Brother fans who tuned in to week one of The Amazing Race 16 got to see Big Brother 11’s own Jeff and Jordan take the lead right off the bat, as they finished the first week of the race in 1st place.  Jeff and Jordan worked well together as they figured out clues that lead them all the way to Chile, completing travel tasks and other challenges, beating out all the other teams.  Jeff and Jordan were listed as “newly dating,” which once again verifies that Jeff and Jordan are together.  The hilarity between the 2 from Big Brother carried over to The Amazing Race, as Jordan confused Chile with China a few times.  The duo were the first to arrive at the airport for the first challenge, but a delayed flight almost set them back, but luckily all the teams ended up on the same flight which put them at a level playing field again.  Jeff and Jordan made quite an impact, and we’ll be cheering them on as they make it all the way to the end.  For the full detailed report, check out the blog post Amazing Race 16 Week 1 Review.