Jeff and Jordan Finish Last, but Still in The Amazing Race?

Week 4 of The Amazing Race was a roller coaster for Big Brother fans.  Jeff and Jordan stayed steadily in the middle of the race, up until they took a cab that took them far off track, and they were not able to recover.  The tasks this week included bungee jumping, which Jordan did for the Big Brother team.  From there the teams had a choice of stuff their faces with sauerkraut in a limited amount of time, or taking a soccer challenge.  Jordan and Jeff chose the sauerkraut, which is what lead them to taking the taxi with the clueless driver, which got them off route big time.  Once they got to their destination, the bad luck continued as they couldn’t get the sauerkraut down, which lead them to going to the soccer challenge instead.  After completing the soccer challenge, they headed to a bar where they had to guzzle a giant boot of beer (a feat that had another contestants literally throwing up outside,) but Jeff nailed it and downed the beer fast.  Sadly, it wasn’t enough to catch them up, and Jeff and Jordan finished last in the race, ending our hopes for Team Big Brother.  BUT in a surprising twist, after Jeff and Jordan were seemingly done in the race, they were informed that this week was NOT an elimination leg in the race.  They were told next week they would have to step it up because in the following leg their would be a “speed bump” for them, but none the less, they continue on.  Now being Big Brother is of course our top reality show, we haven’t watched a whole lot of The Amazing Race in past seasons, but we were under the impression that the team that finishes last is always out.  Apparently we were not aware of these “non elimination weeks,” but we’re glad to report that Jeff and Jordan will continue on, at least for now, in The Amazing Race 16.  As always, see the full detailed report of this weeks episode at The Amazing Race Blog.

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    I still like the Big Brother TV show way more than the Amazing Race. Never got off on it.