Team Big Brother Survives Speed Bump in The Amazing Race

Last week Jeff and Jordan came in last in The Amazing Race, and it looked like the duo was done for in the race, but we all got a shock when it was announced that last week wasn’t an elimination leg, and that Jeff and Jordan were still in the game.  Of course since they got to stay in, they still had to pay the price for being last, which meant a “speed bump” in this weeks leg of the race that no other team would have to go through.  Not only that, but all the other teams got to start ahead of Jeff and Jordan, which put them at a major disadvantage.  Things were looking grim from the get go, as once again Jeff and Jordan had problems following the directions in France, but eventually found their way.  After finding their clue in a piece of bread just like the other teams, it was off to World War 1 with bombs going off all around then, and planes flying over.  Jeff and Jordan had to do an extra challenge that involved building some sort of bunker out of sticks, which they accomplished and then moved on to crawling under barbed wire which the rest of the teams also did.  Jeff got Jordan moving by telling her to “put her boobs on the ground and drag them”…classic Jeff and Jordan for you.  They were in last place for quite awhile in this leg, but a major power move made by the team of Louie and Michael changed everything.  Louie and Michael have finished first the past couple of weeks, and this week had the chance to U-turn one team which would force that team to go back and do a morse code challenge.  Joe and Heidi got the U-turn, which ultimately opened the door for Jeff and Jordan to catch up, and actually send Joe and Heidi out of the race.  So even through much adversity, Jeff and Jordan were able to finish second to last, and play on next week in The Amazing Race!