Big Brother 2015 Episode 40 Recap: And the Winner Is…

Tonight either Vanessa Rousso, Liz Nolan, or Steve Moses becomes the Big Brother 17 champion. All season has led to this battle. Vanessa and Steve face off live in the final Big Brother 2015 Head of Household competition. The winner determines the mood of the finale.


If Vanessa wins, we know she takes Liz and beats her by a fairly wide margin. If Steve wins, he takes Liz but his win is not a sure thing. A Steve win provides for a more interesting final minutes. A Vanessa won leads to a more predictable final minutes. Either way we are excited to see how it all plays out.

Head of Household Competition Part 1, 2, and 3

Part 1: How About Them Apples


After a little over three hours, Steve slips off. He is eliminated from the competition. Vanessa then begins to work on Liz. She convinces her to drop off her apple, giving Vanessa the round one win.

Liz and Steve face off in round two.

Part 2: Colossal Crossword


Steve and Liz must look at clues and then fill out the answers using letters in a box, while climbing a wall and tacking them on the crossword puzzle.

Steve wins with 28 minutes to Liz’s 31.

Part 3: Scales of Justice


Vanessa and Steve must answer A or B questions about what the jury members said about their time in the Big Brother 17 house. At the end of eight rounds, the score is 4 to 5. Steve wins the final Head of Household. He evicts Vanessa.

Jury Roundtable


Dr. Will Kirby returns to speak to the jury members about their votes, and who they think deserves to win the game. John “Johnny Mac” McGuire arrives, which reveals to the jurors that Liz, Steve, and Vanessa are the final three houseguests.

They talk about the gameplay of all three players. Everyone seems to admire Vanessa’s game, except Austin Matelson disputes whether she really was as great of a player as people claim. Becky Burgess also has a problem with some of the ways Vanessa played the game.

Next, they also discuss Liz and Steve’s game play. Some surprising revelations come from this discussion, like that Meg Maley wants Liz to win, and Johnny Mac considers Steve a rat. He does not respect his game.

Jurors Questions, Votes, and Vanessa’s Exit


Host Julie Chen talks to Vanessa about how she had a hand in almost every eviction this season. She also asks if Vanessa would have taken Steve to the final two. She said no. She never completely trusted him in the game. He backstabbed her too much.

The jurors really grill Liz and Steve. They basically ask Steve to explain why he wasn’t just a floater, and ask Liz to explain why she deserves to win the game. Each juror casts their vote, and then the pre-jury members return.

Julie asks Da’Vonne Rogers what surprised her most about the season. She says Austin’s Judas character not dominating the game like he claimed he would. He stumbles towards an answer. Austin basically says he liked everyone too much to become Judas.


Jason Roy asks Vanessa why she did not own her game in the Diary Room. Audrey Middleton talks about her journey and the support she received outside the game.

Julie slowly pulls out the keys to show the jurors’ votes.

Vanessa casts the first vote for Liz.
Johnny Mac casts his vote for Steve.
Austin casts his vote for Liz.
Julia casts her vote for Liz.
James Huling casts his vote for Steve.
Meg casts her vote for Steve.
Becky casts her vote for Steve.
Jackie Ibarra casts her vote for Steve.
Shelli Pooole casts her vote for Steve.


Steve becomes the winner of Big Brother 17 by a 6 to 3 vote. Julie then announces the three players with the most votes for America’s Favorite Player. They are Johnny Mac, James, and Jason. James wins the America’s Favorite Player prize.

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