Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Vanessa and Steve Reveal Their Final 2 Deal to Liz

Since the first few weeks of Big Brother 2015, Vanessa Rousso and Steve Moses have had a final two deal. It kept them safe throughout the Big Brother 17 game. Nevertheless, both of them have made attempts to evict each other. The right opportunity just failed to present itself.


Tonight’s Big Brother 2015 finale presents the perfect opportunity for one of them to cut the other one. Both have spoke about taking Liz Nolan to the finals over the other one. Vanessa even made a new final two deal with Liz.

Since winning the second part of the Head of Household competition, Steve persisted that they tell Liz about their final two deal. Vanessa was reluctant about it. Yesterday evening, Liz spoke about the elephant in the room.

Basically, she told them it was okay if they did not take her to the finals. She said it made more sense for them to take each other, because she has two guaranteed votes. She broke down in tears, but definitely seemed okay with the outcome of them taking each other. She wanted to hear them convince her to vote for them.


Then Vanessa revealed that Steve and her were loyal to the Scamper Squad, but they made a final two deal on about around day 40. Steve and Vanessa final two deal happened way before day 40, but Steve does not correct Vanessa on this fact. The final three became very emotional as they discussed the possible eviction of Liz.

Prior to the conversation, Vanessa warned Liz of them telling her about their final two deal. She told Liz that despite what she may hear, Vanessa still wanted to bring her to the final two. It seems like Steve is planning to as well. We will have to wait until tonight to see if either Vanessa or Steve stay true to their final two deal.

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