Jeff and Jordan Eliminated from The Amazing Race

Well we all had our hopes up after Jeff and Jordan survived elimination two weeks ago on The Amazing Race, but this week it all came to and end as Jeff and Jordan came in last again, this time being eliminated from the show.  Jeff and Jordan got lucky and survived last week, but they came in second to last place, which meant they started this week’s leg last. 

This leg was once again in France, and Jeff and Jordan struggled with which challenge to pick, going back and forth between pouring champaign on a tower of champaign glasses, and searching for grapes in a vineyard.  Check out the full detailed report of Jeff and Jordan’s final episode over at The Amazing Race Blog

Seeing Jeff and Jordan on The Amazing Race was fun, and gave us a little something to watch as we anxiously await Big Brother 12 to kick off this summer.  Jeff and Jordan may not have been able to pull off all these complicated challenges on The Amazing Race, but they brought the same humor and antics that entertained us on Big Brother.  We’ll be hoping Jeff and Jordan return to the Big Brother house for a future Big Brother All Stars season.