Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Dr. Will Returns to Host the Jury Roundtable

Big Brother 2 and 7 all-star and winner Dr. Will Kirby has returned for two seasons to help the jurors decide a winner. He did it last season. Now it looks like Will returns once more for Big Brother 17. Over the weekend, Will hosted the Big Brother 2015 jury roundtable.


In an exclusive interview with TVInsider, he revealed some critical details about the roundtable. One of those details stated that Vanessa Rousso is not the clear winner of the season. A bitter jury might cost her the win.

According to Will, emotions were running so high during the roundtable that jurors spoke over each other. He revealed that James Huling was one of the more logical jury members. He separated his emotions from the game to make the best decision possible.

Will confirmed that Austin Matelson stuck to his promise. He tried to turn the jury against Vanessa, but they were not letting him influence them.

Will also said that he expects Steve Moses to win the Big Brother 17 game. He also made his prediction that John “Johnny Mac” McGuire will win the America’s Favorite Player prize.

Will revealed quite a bit of fascinating tidbits. We actually did not expect the jurors to be bitter, and especially not as bitter as he claims. It is also surprising that he thinks Steve is the frontrunner to win Big Brother 2015.

This could lead to a more interesting finale than we expected.

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