Michele Noonan Presents…Playtime???

Hmm, well we’re posting this because it features Big Brother 11’s Michele Noonan, but we’re not sure exactly what this is.  What you are about to see is Michele, talking about her new web show “Playtime with Neurodork.”  Now while this definitely sounds like some sort of sex toy show (and it very well may be, since Michele claims she will be “inappropriately playing with nerdy toys” as one of the shows features) it seems there is some sort of science or nerdy theme to it as well…..somehow.  This whole thing is a little out there, and goes along with Michele’s changes since being on Big Brother (note the new and enlarged boobs.)  Many fans have taken note of Michele’s new ways since she regularly posts pics of her nights partying, and of course there were the infamous pics of Michele and Lydia caught kissing, not to mention Michele divorcing her husband not long after the shows end.  Should be interesting to see how this little web show turns out….either Michele showing off her new body and style, or reviewing nerdy toys and food (what is nerdy food?)   We can’t tell by this video, maybe you can:

  • Knightstalker

    Does anyone really care wtf that bitch does?