Big Brother 2015: Who Should Win? (POLL)

It all ends tomorrow on Big Brother 17. The season started with 17 houseguests, and now only three remain. Each of them played the game in some capacity. When Big Brother 2015 started, it seemed like Vanessa Rousso would just effortlessly take control of the game. This was not the case.

BB17-Final 6

Vanessa controlled a major part of the game. However, she did not have the game completely under her control. This might cost her, her game, because she made quite a few players mad, including her closest ally. Austin Matelson received the biggest blindside of the season.

Viewers enjoyed watching it. However, it really hurt Vanessa’s game. She failed quite a few times to ease people into their eviction. Juror management cost Dan Gheesling the win on Big Brother 14. So history could repeat itself with Vanessa.

Liz Nolan entered the game with one of the biggest targets on her back. She had a twin. She made her target even bigger by starting a showmance with Austin. Liz also proved herself as the stronger Big Brother 2015 player, between Julia Nolan and herself. Yet Liz made it to the finals.

A lot of people dismiss Liz making it to the end as dumb luck, which it may be, but no one can deny she did make it there. This might win her some votes in the jury house. If Liz wins the game, it would completely shock the viewers.

However, strangers things have happened on Big Brother.

Steve Moses remained under the radar the entire game. Many players thought Steve eventually would be an easy player to evict. He just didn’t come off as an immediate threat. Pre-season, Steve mentioned that was his main strategy.

It worked out well for him. Nevertheless, he failed to make strong game moves. Steve needed a few major game kills to rank higher in the jury’s eyes as a winner. During his three Head of Household wins, he evicted Jackie Ibarra,, Julia Nolan, and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire.

Julia and Johnny Mac were his allies and not his intended targets. Jackie was his target but no one can consider her a major game threat. So Steve is going into the game with a very weak game resume. However, people really like Steve. This works in his favor, especially compared to Vanessa’d unlikable game strategizing.

We talked about how we believe Vanessa will win the season. But is she who you want to win it? Vote in our poll below to let us know who you want to see take the Big Brother 17 crown.

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