Big Brother 2015 Predictions: Who Will Win Big Brother 17?

Tomorrow night, either Liz Nolan, Steve Moses, or Vanessa Rousso takes home the Big Brother 17 crown. Vanessa played very aggressively all season. She made big moves, formed a power alliance, and evicted the majority of the Big Brother 2015 houseguests. By all accounts Vanessa should win Big Brother 17, but will she?


Preseason, many Big Brother fans expected Vanessa to win the game. Someone that dedicated to games and game theory seemed like the safest bet. Nevertheless, Vanessa played the game in a very unexpected way.

She was not the flawless game player everyone expected. She was a good player, but not a great one. As the season progressed, Vanessa became a stronger player. However, she made a lot of enemies on her way to the finals.

Some people expect this season’s Big Brother jury to vote bitterly, which would hurt Vanessa’s chance of winning the game. This could definitely happen, but highly unlikely.

The two players fighting against Vanessa for the crown are Liz and Steve. Liz won a few competitions, which gives her a decent competition record. She also managed to stay in the house, despite playing with a twin and a showmance, for quite awhile. This gives Liz some game credibility. However, it might not be enough to compete with Vanessa or Steve’s game record.

Steve played a passive game throughout Big Brother 2015. He refused to make any big moves unless completely necessary. He joined a huge alliance, but stayed on the bottom of it all season. Steve’s competition record is also decent. Steve is likely to beat Liz if they make it to the finals together.

He has a very slim chance of beating Vanessa, which he knows. Taking out Vanessa would secure his game win.

In the first and second part of the Head of Household competitions, Vanessa and Steve won them. They face off live in the third round of the competition.

Whoever wins the third part of the competition plans to take Liz to the finals. This means Liz is guaranteed to at least win $50,000.

We predict Vanessa wins the final round of the competition. She wins her fifth Head of Household title of the season (breaking the record).Vanessa evicts Steve, he becomes the final member of the jury. Here is how we see the votes going down.

Shelli Poole votes for Vanessa to win.
Jackie Ibarra votes for Vanessa to win.
Becky Burgess votes for Vanessa to win.
Meg Maley votes for Vanessa to win (however we aren’t completely sold on her not voting for Liz. James Huling and her might be the swing votes).
James votes for Vanessa to win.
Julia Nolan votes for Liz to win.
Austin Matelson votes for Liz to win.
John “Johnny Mac” McGuire votes for Vanessa to win.
Steve votes for Vanessa to win.

Vanessa wins by a 7 to 2 vote.

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