BB9’s Matt McDonald Arrested for Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend

The reputation of the Big Brother 9 season just keeps sinking lower and lower.  First we covered Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski’s arrest on drug trafficking charges, and now Matt McDonald (best known for his treatment and verbal abuse of Natalie Cunial in the house,) has been arrested and charged with assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.  According to TMZ, McDonald accused his girlfriend of cheating on him before becoming violent.  Matt claimed his girlfriend actually attacked him and he was only defending himself.  Police observed the injuries to Matt’s girlfriend, and arrested and charged him with assault and batter, and assault and battery on a pregnant person.  Matt is due back in court next month, so it looks like this isn’t the end of this saga.  Many people didn’t like Matt on Big Brother 9, mainly because he used Natalie for sexual favors, then blew her off when around the rest of the house and constantly turning her down.  Well now things got a lot more serious, and Matt seems to have turned out to be even worse than though.  More coverage to come on the consequences Matt will face for his actions.