Big Brother 2015 Episode 39 Recap: A Look Back at the Season

On the last Big Brother 17 episode, Vanessa Rousso sent John “Johnny Mac” McGuire out of the Big Brother 2015 house. This left her, Liz Nolan, and Steve Moses as the final three Big Brother 17 players.


On Wednesday, we see them all fight it out for the Big Brother 17 title. Last night, the houseguests took some time off from the game to remember their journey to the finals.

Read our Big Brother 2015 recap below to find out what was highlighted on last night’s episode.

The Road to the Finals


The episode opens with Vanessa individually talking to Steve and Liz to make sure that her final two deals are still good with them. Liz completely wants to go to the finals with Vanessa. Steve, on the other hand, finds himself unsure about Vanessa. He even questions her about making a final two deal with Liz, which Vanessa denies.

Next, the final three Big Brother 2015 players gather in the kitchen to have breakfast and talk about the season. The first flashback we see includes the Twin Twist. We see Liz and Julia Nolan switching in and out of the house. Much later, Da’Vonne Rogers and Jason Roy expose this twist to the other Big Brother 17 houseguests.

Then, during their breakfast, Vanessa mentions her many confrontations. Cue the montage of Vanessa confronting people. What would Big Brother be without romance. CBS chooses to highlight a couple showmances.

They show the Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole one, the Liz and Austin Matelson one, and the not-so showmance between Meg Maley and James Huiling. They even show a “nerdmance” between Johnny Mac and Steve.

This episode then highlights three on-going Big Brother 17 occurrences, Becky Burgess‘s train story, Clay’s mumblings, and James’s pranks. We also look back at the Whackstreet Boys.

The series also talks about Audrey Middleton‘s journey as a transgender person, and her crazy antics in the Big Brother 17 game.

The trip down Big Brother memory lane ends with a montage of people in tears or freaking out in the Diary room.

Final Head of Household Competition:


The episode ends with the start of the first part of this year’s final Head of Household competition.

How About Them Apples: Houseguests must outlast each other by hanging on a ball designed like an apple the longest. The competition begins with houseguests getting dunked into red liquid and being tossed against a wall.

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