Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Who Will Vanessa Take to the Finals?

On last Wednesday’s Big Brother 17 episode, Vanessa Rousso revealed that she made a final two deal with Liz Nolan to take her to the end. However, early in Big Brother 2015, she made a final two deal with Steve Moses. So who is Vanessa really going to take to the Big Brother 17 finals?


Vanessa had two critical Big Brother 2015 final two deals. The first one was with Austin Matelson, and the second with Steve. During last Tuesday’s eviction, she had to pick between her two final two deals. She picked Steve.

Most would assume this meant Vanessa would ride with Steve to the end. Not so much. The same goes for Steve. Repeatedly, Steve has mentioned wanting to cut Vanessa when the chance presented itself.

He failed to evict Vanessa in the last three evictions. She either won the Head of Household or the Veto. Now with a tempting option of Liz sitting next to them, instead of each other (they are each other’s biggest barrier to the $500,000 prize), they might just take the easier route.

Steve wants to keep Vanessa honest, or to force her to take him to the finals, by getting them to confess to Liz their final two deal. He mentions how in Big Brother 16, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur told Victoria Rafaeli about their final two deal, before finale night. They did it right after they both won part 1 and 2 of the final Head of Household competition. Since Steve and Vanessa are now in the same situation, he wants to give Liz that same courtesy. At least this is what Steve claims.

We believe he really just wants to ensure that if Vanessa wins the final Head of Household competition, she takes him to the finals with her. Hopefully, Steve continues to pressure Vanessa into telling Liz about their deal, this will likely boost Steve’s need to win (because it is highly unlikely Vanessa stays true to her promise to Steve, so she won’t want to tell Liz). This could mean a very interesting and intense final round of this Head of Household.

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