Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Final Head of Household Part 2 Results

On Wednesday night, the final three Big Brother 17 players played the first half of the final Head of Household competition. They rode sticky apples towards the finish line. After over three hours of competing, Vanessa Rousso became the victor.


This meant Liz Nolan and Steve Moses were left to fight it out in the second battle. In previous seasons, the second half of the Head of Household battle involves climbing and putting nominations in order. We expected a similar competition this year.

After a four hour feeds blackout, we learned that Steve won the second part of the final Head of Household competition. Vanessa and him will face off live on Wednesday night’s finale.

Apparently, the second part of the Head of Household competition was a version of the spider web one. Liz and Steve had to pair houseguests and events. Steve beat Liz with a time of 28 minutes. It was a really close one because Liz scored a time of 31 minutes.


The final part of the Head of Household competition will be the usual A or B questions about statements made by the jurors. This competition seems to give Vanessa and Steve an equal chance of winning the round. Neither of them went out of their way to become very friendly with a majority of the Big Brother 17 jury members. This means they might go into the competition a little blind to what answers the jurors might give to their questions.  We cannot wait to see it play out on Wednesday.

Who do you think will win the final round?

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