Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Final Head of Household Part 1 Results

Last night, the final three Big Brother 17 players were revealed. Liz Nolan, Vanessa Rousso, and Steve Moses celebrated their victory at the end of Wednesday night’s Big Brother 2015 broadcast.


The trio were allowed to rest for a few hours before beginning the first part of the final Head of Household competition. The competition had a carnival theme. The houseguests held onto a wrecking ball type contraption. The contraptions were supposed to look like apples.

The houseguests became human bobbing for apples as they were maneuvered all over the Big Brother 17 backyard. They were dipped in corn syrup, then tossed against a wall and lifted up and twirled around. They repeated this cycle as long as the competition continued. After an hour, the houseguests were holding on strong.

Liz struggled the most within the first hour. However, she did not fall off of  it. After three hours, Steve slipped and fell out of the competition. This left it between Liz and Vanessa. Big Brother 2015 fans knew that Vanessa would try to entice Liz to fall off her apple.


Sure enough, Vanessa told Liz it was smarter to save her energy for the second round. Less than fifteen minutes later, Liz fell off. This made Vanessa winner of the first part of the final Big Brother 17 Head of Household competition.

The second part of the competition will play out in the next couple of days. Liz and Steve will go head to head. This competition should combine mental and physical strengths, which gives both Liz and Steve a good shot at winning it.

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