Big Brother 2015 Episode 38 Recap: The Final Three Are…

Tonight on Big Brother 2015, the final four houseguests become the final three. With Steve Moses as the new Head of Household, Liz Nolan, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, and Vanessa Rousso are left to battle for the final three spots in the Big Brother 17 game.


Tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode is jammed packed. We will see the nominations ceremony, Power of Veto competition, and the final eviction before the finals. This episode also starts the first part of the final Head of Household competition. Who will become the final three players of the Big Brother 2015?

Vanessa works to get Liz back on her side. She tries to emphasize how heart wrenching it was for her to vote out Austin Matelson.

Vanessa then makes a final two deal with both Liz and Johnny Mac. Neither of them really trust her, but they agree to the deal. Vanessa also talks about trying to get Steve to throw the Veto. Steve nominates Johnny Mac and Vanessa, but no one really takes the nominations seriously because the Veto counts the most.


Jury Segment and Veto Competition

Julia Nolan and Austin arrive to the Big Brother 2015 jury house. Austin comes into the house extra bitter. He plans to try to cost Vanessa the game. However, Shelli Poole tries to defend Vanessa’s game.

Martial Smarts: For several rounds, Big Brother 16’s Caleb Reynolds read a question. Then the remaining four houseguests must punch a button attached to a cardboard cutout until they get the number of days that each event happened. The last person to ring in during each round receives a strike. After two strikes, a player is eliminated.


Round 1: Liz rings in last.

Round 2: Liz rings in last.

So Liz is eliminated from the tournament.

Round 3: Steve rings in last.

Round 4: Steve rings in last.

Steve is eliminated from the tournament.

Round 5: Johnny Mac rings in last.

Round 6: Johnny Mac rings in last.

Vanessa wins the final Veto competition of the summer.


Veto Ceremony and Eviction

Vanessa uses the Veto om herself, and Liz goes on the block as a replacement nominee. Vanessa votes to evict Johnny Mac.

Host Julie Chen asks if Johnny Mac was true to his final two deal with Vanessa. She asks Johnny Mac about his reckless gameplay. He also said not getting rid of Steve last week was his biggest game regret. He admits he did not know what he was doing most of the game.


The episode ends on the final three celebrating making it this far. Join us again tomorrow night to find out who won the first part of the final Head of Household battle.

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