Huge News: Julie Chen Reveals Saboteur Twist!

As we’re all counting down the days, hours, and minutes to Big Brother 12, a big bomb was just dropped on us all, as the twist for BB12 has been announced.  In this new commercial, Julie Chen announces that for the first time in Big Brother history, one player will NOT be playing to win, and will instead be a saboteur in the house.  This could lead to some great possibilities in the house, as unlike the America’s player twist we’ve seen in the past, this player will be out solely to raise hell in the house and won’t be looking to win.  Now the only bad side of this would be if the saboteur was the first person voted out of the house, which would obviously limit the chaos the person can inflict.  But this new spin could make for a hugely entertaining season, especially if viewers get to have a say in what exactly the saboteur does.  We are just outside of one week from the big day, and the cast will most likely be revealed later this week, which means we will have the fun task of guessing which of the announced houseguests will end up being the Saboteur.  The hype just got even bigger for the season, so make sure you are fully prepared and have subscribed to the BB12 live feeds and watch all the live sabotaging action!