Big Brother 2015 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted in Week 13?

Yesterday, Austin Matelson became the seventh member of the Big Brother 2015 jury. Tonight, another person joins him. Also on Tuesday, Steve Moses became the latest Big Brother 17 Head of Household. This guaranteed that he made the semifinals.


Last night, we learned that Steve nominated John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Vanessa Rousso for eviction. After the Veto competition played out, Vanessa held all the power. As the Veto holder, she will remove herself from the block, forcing Liz Nolan up as a replacement nominee.

Then she casts the deciding vote. Based on Vanessa’s gameplay, we are pretty certain that tonight’s eviction will happen without surprises. Vanessa will cast her sole vote to evict Johnny Mac.

This makes Johnny Mac the eighth member of jury. Steve, Liz, and Vanessa will become the final three players of Big Brother 2015.

Interestingly, last night, Steve broke down in tears saying how he threw this week’s Veto competition. If he really fought for it, Vanessa would have been evicted, and he would have guaranteed his win. Oh what a different game we would have had if Steve played for the Veto yesterday.

Is it too late for anyone to beat Vanessa in the final three? Has this season been just as predictable as Big Brother 16? Where everyone guessed the winner preseason?

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