Big Brother 12 Cast Revealed!

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the news we’ve all been waiting for.  The Big Brother 12 houseguests have been revealed, and it is quite the interesting cast.  Below are pics of the 13 houseguests, and below that are their brief descriptions, going from left to right:


Names and descriptions from top left to right:

Andrew – 39 year old Podiatrist, is Jewish and doesn’t plan on partaking in challenges that go against his religious practices (wow).

Annie – 27 year old Bartender, is bi-sexual, plans on being herself in the house.

Brendon – 30 year old high school swim coach, plans on getting girls in the house to like him then turn them on each other.

Britney - 22 year old hotel sales manager, plans on pretending to be nice but elusive, has a bird phobia?

Enzo – 32 year old insurance adjuster, loud new jersey guy, big fan of Evel Dick.  Probably going to be the “loud guy” of the season

Hayden – 24 year old college student, the athlete of the group who appears to be the eye candy for the ladies (and some of the guys.)

Kathy – 40 year old deputy sheriff, cancer survivor, plans on planning her strategy day by day.

Kristen – 24 year old boutique manager, plans on being herself to win the game.

Lane – 24 year old oil rig salesmen, not revealing the strategy he has to win the game.

Matt – 32 year old web designer, plans on leaving all his emotions at home and being 100% game.

Monet - 24 year old model, plans on bringing class to Big Brother after so many “trashy bimbos.”

Rachel - 26 year old cocktail waitress, and chemistry graduate, plans to hustle like she does at work to win the game.

Ragan – 34 year old college professor, HERE is our yearly token gay guy, seems to be the loud and proud type, doesn’t plan to rock the boat early…and he apparently likes bow ties.

SO there it is, the cast we are about to spend the next almost 3 months with.  As usual it’s hard to get a feel for how everyone will be, but it looks like a great cast.  The speculation can also begin on who the saboteur is in this group.  Rumors have circulated that a fourteenth houesguest backed out at the last minute, which is why we are back to thirteen.  For a better idea of what we’re in for, here is the Big Brother 12 cast announcement video:

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  • Anonymous

    Hayden is anything BUT “eyecandy” his hair is gross & he looks buck tooth or something!
    Like his lips are too dry to shut or something??!
    And he has zero personality .