Big Brother 2015 Episode 37 Recap: Barefoot Blindside

Tonight on Big Brother 2015 another houseguest leaves. At the beginning of the week, Vanessa Rousso made the decision to nominate John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Steve Moses. She wanted to stay loyal to the Scamper Squad. But things rarely go smoothly on Big Brother 17.


Post-nominations, Johnny Mac tells Austin Matelson that he will throw the Veto competition to him and Liz Nolan in exchange for their votes. Immediately, they tell Vanessa what Johnny Mac proposed. She gets excited about the possibility of her plan working out effortlessly.

Life in Pieces

CBS does some promotional work by hosting a Power of Veto competition inspired by their new comedy, “Life in Pieces.” Houseguests must walk on a balancing beam from one side to the other. They must press a button to keep their timer from reaching twenty seconds, while they assemble a puzzle.


If the timer reaches 20 seconds, all their puzzle pieces fall from their magnetic hold. This forces the houseguests to start over. Once the 20 seconds runs out, the houseguests then have ten seconds to press their buzzer to escape from being disqualified.

If a player falls off their balancing beam, they immediately reset their board. The first player to place all their pieces on the board, and make it to their buzzer, wins this week’s Veto competition. Johnny Mac plans to throw the Veto. However, in case Steve is close to winning it, he wants to ensure he still has a chance.


He arranges his pieces on his station without placing them on the magnetic board. Everyone else places their pieces on their magnetic board as they go along. Austin is doing the worst in the competition. Vanessa gets disqualified during the first 30 seconds for not hitting her buzzer before the ten second penalty time ran out.

Liz and Steve are pretty close to winning the Veto. This kicks John into high gear. He quickly puts up his pieces and gets the win. This completely disrupts Vanessa’s shot of taking him out this week.



Johnny Mac tells Austin and Liz that he will vote with them. However, Vanessa and him have a private talk, where she emphasizes that she wants to keep Steve this week. Johnny Mac is not sure if he wants to give Vanessa what she wants.

Live Votes and Eviction

Liz votes to evict Steve. Johnny Mac votes to evict Austin. It comes down to a tie. Vanessa chooses to evict Austin. Austin and Liz are completely blindsided by his eviction. Liz breaks down in tears.


Austin leaves telling Vanessa that she cannot win the game.

In Austin’s exit interview, with host Julie Chen, they talk about his blindside and his relationship with Liz.

Head of Household

What The Bleep: Houseguests must watch a series of videos and then answer true or false questions about whether houseguests said a certain phrase or not.

By the end of seven rounds, it is a tie between Johnny Mac and Steve. They must go to the tiebreaker question. They are asked to guess the number in seconds of how long it took for the “Under the Rainbow” competition from start to finish.


Steve guesses 601, and John guesses 3600. The answer is around 2000. John goes over, so Steve becomes the newest Head of Household.

Join us again later tonight to see who won the last Veto competition of the season. Then join us tomorrow for another eviction.

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