Update: List of Items the Saboteur Can Use..

Ever since we broke the news of the saboteur twist for BB12, there has been much speculation as to who it will be, and what they will be doing.  We have heard bits and pieces about America being a part of this and being able to make suggestions as to what the saboteur should do.  Well now the CBS Big Brother saboteur page has been updated and now gives us a list of items that will be available for the saboteur to use, and CBS wants the following items to inspire your suggestions:

1.  Duct Tape
2.  Super Glue
3.  Rope
4.  Padlock
5.  Food Coloring
6.  Condiments
7.  Rubber Bands
8.  Wire
9.  Glow in the Dark Ink
10.  Beeping Electronic Device

So it should be interesting to see what kind of suggestions the Big Brother fans can come up with using these items.  If things play out, these dastardly deeds are sure to piss some of the houseguests off and could lead to some fun chaos on the live feeds.  Has anyone sent in any suggestions yet?  Let us know in the comments below.

  • Anonymous

    how about dyeing the slop green?

  • Anonymous

    How about using the glow in the dark ink? The sab could take several of the house guests’ shoes, trace them on the floor or on a piece of butcher paper, and leave a message that one of these could belong to the sabateur? Just a thought! Maybe after my morning coffee, I’ll have a better idea!

  • Anonymous

    have regan save Brendon and Rachel from eviction