The BB12 Houseguests Have Entered the House!

Today is the big day, the Big Brother 12 houseguests have entered the house, and the game begins tonight even though we all have to wait to Thursday to really kick things off.  It is traditional for the cast to enter the house a few days before the premiere so the Thursday show has some footage to show.  In this pic from the CBS Twitter, we can make out Andrew, Annie, Kathy, and Enzo entering the house.  As we said earlier, the hype this year is massive, and this pic is just one one more thing to torture us all and make us wish we could kick off some After Dark and live feeds tonight.  Keep in mind you still have time to subscribe to the live feeds and save money with the early bird special, before everything goes live this Thursday night!

  • Anonymous

    HAS ANYONE NOTICED THAT RACHEL acts and sounds like The might B! from Bessie Higgenbottom–lol I use to be a fan of her and Brendon yet she is way too childish/drama queen mean girl from High School!!!