Big Brother 2015 Episode 36 Recap: Vanessa Hatches a Plan

Last week in the Big Brother 2015 house, Steve Moses finally broke up the Austwin alliance. This seemed like the end of the Scamper Squad. Clearly, Steve drew a line in the Big Brother 17 sand.  It seemed like a clear divide with everyone against the Liztin showmance. However, Big Brother fans knew not to trust Vanessa Rousso with power.


Repeatedly, viewers have seen that Vanessa very rarely sticks to her word. This meant no one could know if she would stay true to any of her alliance members in the end. However, Vanessa seemed very safe this week, so she had no need to win this week’s Head of Household competition. But would the competitor in her go against logic?

No Pot of Gold

Under the Rainbow: Houseguests had to manipulate ten eggs under a net to get them into a slot at the end of the “rainbow.” The first one to put all their eggs into all ten slots became the newest Head of Household. There was also a luxury option.


The competition starts with Austin Matelson having a clear two egg lead. By the fourth egg, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Vanessa catch up to him. Vanessa then gets a one egg lead.

Falling really far behind, Liz Nolan decides to take the luxury prize. She announces that she will take the winner of the Head of Household with her, in hopes that Austin can get the win for Liztin.

Eventually, the game came down to Vanessa versus Johnny Mac. Vanessa puts in her last egg to take the victory.


Immediately, Vanessa starts to question the other remaining houseguests to get justification to put someone on the block. Based on information given from Steve, she leans toward putting up Austin and Liz.

Then Liz and Austin campaign hard to get Vanessa to target Steve and Johnny Mac instead of them.

A Grande Return


Vanessa tells Steve that she thinks it is smarter for her game to get rid of Johnny Mac this week. She then talks to Austin and makes a deal. She makes him promise to not use the Veto and win Head of Household next week. She also makes him stick to his promise of taking her to the final two.

Big Brother 16’s Frankie Grande enters the Big Brother house to take Liz on her luxury trip. She gets to go to the Ariana Grande  concert at the Staples Center. They also get to meet her backstage. Liz decides which houseguest to take with her on this trip. She picks Vanessa. They must wear disguises to avoid being recognized.


When Liz and Vanessa return from the concert, Vanessa must make her nominations. Prior to leaving for the concert, Johnny Mac enters the HOH room. He tries to reverse, reverse psychology her into keeping him safe. It does not work. Vanessa still decides to nominate Steve and Johnny Mac.

Find out if one of them won the Veto on Tuesday’s pre-recorded eviction episode, or spoil it for yourself here. Check back Tuesday and Wednesday for two more recaps heading into the finals.

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