First BB12 Cast Group Pic!

Here is the traditional first group pic of the Big Brother 12 cast, all hanging out by the pool as usual.  Yesterday we posted the first pic of the BB12 cast entering the house, but this is the first pic of the entire group together that we have seen.  Looks like a good group, and they all look to be getting along (but don’t they always?) as they wish us a happy Fourth of July.  With every pic and piece of information, the excitement grows as we inch closer and closer to premiere night.
  • Anonymous

    wat a varity….Not…who chooses the cast, I mean they couldn’t have gotten a more diverse group of people, I personally think it would add to more drama, and just create more entertainment..

    Just saying

  • Anonymous

    Its lame… every other year the cast ‘has not met’ prior to going into the house.. // its all ‘secret’.. now that they have met and posed for promo pics … takes away the excitement.

  • Big Brother Fans Blog

    Actually the houseguests moved in almost a week ago and met for the first time, this pic was taken after they had moved in.

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic cast.