Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 12 Power of Veto Results

Thursday night in the Big Brother 17 house, Head of Household Vanessa Rousso was a little unsure of who to target. She had her feet securely placed in two alliances. She had to choose a side. Her decision could cost her Big Brother 2015 game.


To most Big Brother 2015 fan’s surprise, Vanessa believed that she could go to the final four with the Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson showmance. She made them promise her three major things, which they had no plans to keep those deals, but they agreed to them. So Liztin became safe for the week. The Rockstars were in danger.

On Thursday night, when Steve Moses found out that he would be nominated next to John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, he tried everything to change Vanessa’s mind. However, she stayed firm with her decision.

On Friday evening, she nominated Steve and Johnny Mac for eviction. Later that night, Johnny Mac told Austin and Liz that he would throw the Veto to them if he had their vote to stay. They then ran and told Vanessa about his plan.

Surprisingly, Johnny Mac did not throw the Veto. In fact, he won it. Tonight’s Veto competition was some sort of puzzle one. It resulted in his win, and also gave the Big Brother 2015 houseguests the chance to watch the premiere episode of a new CBS fall show.

Johnny Mac’s win really disrupts Vanessa’s game plan. Right now, no one knows which member of Liztin goes up as a replacement, and if she will try to evict Steve or the Liztin member this week. Should be an interesting day and a half until eviction.

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