Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Vanessa’s Surprising Target

Julia Nolan was evicted on Thursday’s Big Brother 17 episode. One member of the Austwins was finally out of the Big Brother 2015 house. However, a huge showmance stayed in it. It only made sense for John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Steve Moses, and Vanessa Rousso to target them, right?


Vanessa gained power for the fourth time in the season. She took away Johnny Mac and Austin Matelson‘s victory by becoming the newest Head of Household. Vanessa claimed that paranoia fueled her win.

She crunched some numbers and believed that she would become the next target if she did not win this Head of Household. Vanessa then pulled her usual Vanessa stunts. She started interrogating each of the remaining houseguests.

She wanted some sort of deal or information. Basically, everyone squealed. As usual, Austin pleaded with Vanessa to not end his Big Brother life. She agreed to keep Liz Nolan and him safe this week. However, they needed to keep her until the final three, and then throw the first competition to her. Once again, they agreed.

She then told them how much she wanted to evict Johnny Mac this week. She sees him as her biggest obstacle to the final three. She also claimed that she wanted to remain loyal to the Scamper Squad in the end.

Originally, she considered putting up one person from each pair, but Austin convinced her that it was smarter to just nominate both Steve and Johnny Mac. Vanessa agreed. She then told Steve her plan to take out Johnny Mac and nominate him.

She also heavily hinted to Johnny Mac her plan. Steve tried tirelessly to stop this plan, but in the end, it seems that Liz and Austin got their way. Steve and Johnny Mac are expected to be nominated later today.

Unfortunately, we will not have confirmation of this nomination until tomorrow. We will also know who won the Power of Veto, and who will likely be leaving on Monday night.

Is this a smart move by Vanessa or is keeping a showmance too dangerous at this point in the game?

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