Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 12 Head of Household Results

Tonight’s Big Brother 2015 ended with houseguests maneuvering eggs through holes to slots in an “Under the Rainbow” Head of Household competition. The first houseguests to get all ten eggs to their slots becomes this week’s Head of Household. When tonight’s Big Brother 17 broadcast ended, Austin Matelson was slightly ahead of the other houseguests.


Austin started the game with a one egg lead. He continued his pace as he got his second egg in, while everyone else was still working on their first one. Liz Nolan trailed far behind John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Vanessa Rousso, and Austin.

Surprisingly, Vanessa and Johnny Mac started to gain on Austin. It became a tied up race. Then Austin dropped an egg, and Vanessa and Johnny Mac zoomed a little ahead. After a little more time, Johnny Mac and Vanessa became two eggs further than Austin.

Vanessa had the lead now. It came down to the wire with Johnny Mac at eight eggs and Vanessa at eight eggs. Johnny Mac dropped his ninth egg, but Vanessa didn’t. Vanessa got ahead by one egg, and the win. Vanessa became the Head of Household for the fourth time in Big Brother 17, which ties her as one of players with the most HOH wins in a season.


Host Julie Chen also announced that there was a luxury trip up for grabs during this competition. Liz decided to take the trip outside of the Big Brother 17 house. Vanessa is aligned with both Steve Moses and Johnny Mac, and Liz and Austin. This means that this week, she needs to show her true hand.

Additionally, Vanessa may have made a bad call winning this Head of Household. It means she is ineligible to win the final four one. Unless she wins Veto, she probably won’t see the final three finish line, because what player would want to go to the final three with someone who won four Heads of Household competition?

Join us again tomorrow to see which side she chooses this week.

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