Are You Fully Prepared for Big Brother 12 Tonight?

Tonight is the night we have been counting down for months, and now it is here.  Big Brother 12 premieres tonight on CBS, as does After Dark AND the live feeds, so we are here to make sure all of our readers are completely prepared for the madness that is about to hit.  First off, be sure you are subscribed to Big Brother Fans Blog so you get our site updates delivered right to you.  Next up be sure to follow the all new official Big Brother Fans Blog Twitter, which we will be updating all day and night during the season.  And finally, the BB12 feeds go live TONIGHT, so support our site by subscribing to the live feeds from our site and enjoy all the 24/7 uncensored action from inside the house.  The feeds will go live right after the CBS show, and After Dark also premieres tonight with 3 full hours every night on Sho2.  So be sure and prepare yourself, as we are only hours away from the Big Brother addiction kicking in.  If there are any more questions any of you have about anything above, feel free to ask in comments and we will help you out ASAP.