Video: The Saboteur Speaks to the BB12 Houseguests!

The official CBS Twitter page has just released a video that sets the tone for this entire evening.  In the video, Julie announces to the BB12 houseguests that one of them is not in the house to win the game, and is instead a saboteur.  What follows is a cryptic message from a blacked out figure, with distorted voice, notifiying that houseguests that the person is the saboteur, and they can and will strike at any time.  The shocked look on their faces tell it all, and the speculation will begin tonight as to just who the saboteur is.  As the saboteur states, no one in the house can be trusted now, and the entire game will pretty much be turned upside down.  Check out the video below, which is probably the last little bit of info. we will get before everything begins tonight.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Rachel is hiding the saboteur in her shirt…

  • Anonymous


    I think the lifelong friends are in Rachel’s shirt too…
    Can we be friends toooooo